Sniffing Out Nearby Wine.

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Our new user interface upgrade release to the Chateau Ste Michelle mobile site brings your location into the picture. Through use of a cleverly engineered location-sniffing retailer locator, the new mobile winery website locates your exact position right before it locates the nearest purveyor of CSM wines.

Let's call it a new breed of sniffer - a DOUBLE sniffer! The technology determines a) whether you are [sniff] accessing from a mobile device, and b) from what location you are [sniff] accessing it.

And your location is no mere zipcode ballpark range. No, from your desktop machine this approach will triangulate your longitude and latitude using the nearest WiFi access point. Meaning you might get a different answer when you're in the bathroom than when you're in the kitchen. And neither one will send you halfway to the nearest zip code (unless that truly is the nearest purveyor). On the other side of the equation, of course, is a continuous ingestion of supply-side retailer information, pinpointing where the bottles are. Because if you don't know where the nearest bottle is, where you are just doesn't seem all that important.

To try it out, simply visit this link on a desktop computer OR a mobile device of your choosing:

Then next time you're searching for a good wine, stop right where you are and head over to on your favorite smart phone. You’ll see how well Winery Website Design can adapt to the mobile space.

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