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They call it Stagecoach because the property is so big you need a stagecoach to travel around it. Not really, but that could've been the origin of the name. With over 1,500 acres, their land is bigger than some entire appellations. And people have been settling here since before there was a golden state.

As big and venerable as they are, their story has never fully been told. While they make their own highly regarded wine under the Krupp Bros. label, their real passion is working in close partnership with vintners to deliver the highest quality fruit. Up until now, they've grown their business by making others look good:

  • Over 60 Wineries use their fruit in their wines
  • Over 30 Wineries use the Stagecoach name on their labels
  • Over 25 Wineries make vineyard designate wines with our fruit

With this launch of Stagecoach Vineyard, it was time for Stagecoach to emerge from behind the scenes and tell its own story. Dramatic photography and a great backstory - they moved a billion pounds of rock to build their brand - establish their long history rooted in the "Extreme Terroir" of the west and a vision to become "The Next Grand Cru". A very sophisticated Google Maps integration highlights the site's technology and shows the range of the vineyard and it's relative position near some of the most storied wineries in Napa.

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