Paul Hobbs Winery: Unfiltered Attention To Detail

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Paul Hobbs is one of the first California winemakers to focus on single-vineyard wines. As one of the rare winegrower/winemakers, his integrated vision of unfiltered, unfined wines creates exciting, structured wines rooted in classic old world techniques yet distinctly Californian in expression. That attention is on display on the new Paul Hobbs website and mobile site experiences.

The winery's website design reflects the natural, organic approach that has enabled Paul Hobbs himself to emerge as a celebrity wine authority worldwide. The rich nature imagery of the javascript-driven homepage emphasizes the texture and authenticity of the process and approach. Carefully selected images and display are able to convey the biology and science of winemaking while losing nothing of the romance and aesthetic. And the experience expands dynamically to fit your browser size. It also provides a place for philosophical quotes that drive Hobbs, like “The key to good winemaking is paying attention.”

The mobile site retains the site look and feel and focused image approach, while narrowing the content to those things most accessed on the go, with a focus on releases, purchase, and visit/contact info.

A FINE content management system – with wine industry tools developed over years of creating world-class wine brand sites – drives the web and mobile sites, managing complex information areas that are specific to Hobbs, though general to many wine brands. Thoughtful attention to the management and display of acclaim, vineyards, accolades, and even FAQs helps make that content easily accessible and updated, without overwhelming the site’s aesthetic.

The overall effect is an experience that connects the people (extending beyond Paul Hobbs to those who help to make the wine great), the place (with a reverence for the land and the process of farming it), and the product (the acclaimed wines).

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