Madison Dearborn Partners: Revealing the Brand Equity Behind 30 Years of Private Equity

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Madison Dearborn Partners (“MDP”) is a leading private equity investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Since its formation in 1992, MDP has raised more than $18 billion in capital and invested in more than 130 companies. Prior to MDP, the founders built a $2.6 billion portfolio at First Chicago Corporation, dating back to the early 1980s.

To elevate the company's long-standing brand and tell a story of strong partnerships and value creation, FINE designed and built a new website that emphasizes MDP’s hard-working team and the lasting legacy they’ve built.

The MDP brand takes shape in new and compelling ways online, with custom photography, art directed by FINE, a refined identity, and a new digital destination, all showcasing MDP’s groundbreaking work over a span of more than three decades.

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