Luma’s Light On Human Experience

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Luma is the lighting design practice of sustainable design leaders PAE. Their role: integrating light into spaces and materials to expand possibilities and shape human experiences. Luma’s approach is highly collaborative and inherently sustainable, and their new digital destination demonstrates both their humanistic ethos and an innovative practice with global impact.

To visually deliver on Luma’s artistry, design boldy dramatizes the impact their work has on spaces, leveraging typography and arresting imagery to create the feeling of a highly designed museum exhibition. The design doesn’t just make room for Luma’s elemental creativity — it mirrors it.

Within work pages, projects are immersive and interactive, with a dynamically-controlled background color palette and an image counter detailing page position. Throughout the site, both subtle and striking behavioral physics are as much a part of Luma’s story as design. Technical details create a feeling of never leaving the site; it’s more as if the site is revealing itself.

Working in a space that’s primarily about attention to detail, “industry caliber” is the driving lever behind the site’s strategy. From the design language to functional behavior, the site scales responsively, and conveys the brand’s existing innovative edge, where forward-thinking and talented humans harness the power of light to brighten the planet in inspiring ways.

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