Kimpton Karma: Good Things Come To Those Who Stay

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Creating a new kind of loyalty program that rewards you for doing rewarding things.

[[]]( "") Kimpton Hotels has a long history of departing from the industry norm to give their guests something beyond expectations. Their new loyalty program is a case in point. In name, identity, branding, messaging, and digital touchpoints, the new Kimpton Karma Rewards is a new approach to loyalty.

The team honed a concept that added a new dimension to loyalty programs. And a naming initiative arrived at a title that implies some of its mystery and atypical nature—it’s not simply a “points for perks” program where you earn free nights. Sure, that happens too, but there are other benefits along the way that are more immersive and surprising.

Karma is unique in structure and expansive in digital accessibility. It’s about developing a relationship with Kimpton as a brand and growing that relationship to experience it in a personal way. It goes beyond viewing points balances, or upcoming reservations. You may get credit for liking things on Facebook, get served what seems like a random perk, or get credit in ways that are mysterious for things that don’t even cost you money. Imagine that.

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Visually, Karma’s style is Kimpton’s style, circulating around icons that represent your level within the program. These patterned icons have subtle numerical references, but also tie into textile and design patterns found recurring across hotel interiors. Every detail plays on another. Revealed with, a Karma area allows visitors to learn about and sign up for the program, while a logged-in state allows Karma members to check their status, view reservations, view program rewards, check status of earnings toward free nights, and book member-exclusive offers.

Behind Karma is database technology that allows Kimpton to offer a personalized experience as never before, and it communicates with front-end digital touchpoints to deliver things in context. Technology drives the ability to offer personalization with scale, from the front desk to the mobile phone. And as the mode of delivery switches to phone or tablet, it becomes more personal by definition, more contextual, and more meaningful.

Kimpton Karma is the most digitally innovative way to show guests that what goes around does indeed come back around, with more Kimpton-ness and even better rewards. Like, more Karma features are road-mapped for future release, to keep things fresher every day.

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