Dirty Habit: Brand Noir Attitude For The Tech Set

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DirtyHabit4San Francisco's bustling SOMA is a trendsetting district, booming with an infusion of tech entrepreneurs drawn to its raw, edgy feel. Perched five floors above these streets, Dirty Habit transports you backstage with the locals, where the surreal mystery of classic San Francisco noir meets the tech-savvy set.

Their name and brand builds upon that feel, creating a compelling, differentiating way to lure people up off the street and into their unique setting. As a Kimpton Restaurant, the goal for Dirty Habit was not just to create a brand identity, but also to create brand attitude. The experience is an immediate, sensory mind-shift for hard-working locals and tech-tourists alike, so the identity needed to have a deliberate edge with disarming twists.


Through collaborative efforts with the Kimpton team, FINE influenced every part of the brand: name, logos, exterior signage, the fashion of the front of house staff, menus, barware look and feel, new and vintage coaster and book collections, business cards and print collateral, website landing page, drink tokens, feather pens, and even the Dirty Habit Spirit Bible. All the things that make a Dirty Habit a true pleasure.


The result is a restaurant with a distinctly bar-centric and social edge, opened to great response at the epicenter of global technology. So next time you’re in San Francisco come sit fireside on their patios and quench your thirst. Whether you’re a hotel guest or not, you’ll find your own Dirty Habit inside.

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