Cloudera's High-tech Brand Takes to Low-tech Channels

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Cloudera is at the forefront of big data, helping companies mine information to cure disease, land planes, and solve the biggest of big problems and opportunities. It's high-tech stuff. But in this world of mind-bending technology, their brand breaks through the clutter by revisiting old-fashioned, 1:1 communication.

FINE's developed a succession of print, direct mail campaigns aimed at promoting their new cloud-based service offering, and reaching out to C-Suite execs to set appointments for enterprise sell-through. While low-tech in medium, the pieces are high-tech in message, and even in production, using print techniques to endorse the message of vision and clarity.

To reach the highest-level CISO Chief Information Security Officers, an invitation using heat-sensitive paper reveals a special gift for attending a meeting about how transparent data makes your enterprise more secure with Cloudera.

For the launch of Cloudera's latest cloud-based platform—to quickly and easily get data to the cloud, where it can be parsed to make big decisions—an old-fashioned airline ticket cut through the office email clutter with a snail mail solution.

Together, these tools generate direct response for Cloudera's important new initiatives, while making the brand point that Cloudera's cutting-edge technology transfers across media old and new.

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