Clarisonic: Digital Transformation For A Revolutionary Skincare Brand

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Clarisonic began with a mission to revolutionize skincare around the world. With patented sonic technology, backed by global health and beauty brand L’Oreal, they are poised to do just that.

A critical step is the re-invention of the Clarisonic digital brand accomplished in this initiative. More than simply selling a device, the brand sells the promise of skin transformed and beauty achieved. It’s a promise infused into a re-designed e-commerce website that sets the brand standard for the U.S. and around the world, along with all the compelling written and video content to be found within.

The site strips away clutter, leaving the kind of clean design that implies the product’s desired result. Oversized, hero imagery showing the end benefit intersperses with minimalist product images and content explaining the features that get you there – a careful balance of long-term brand-building needs with shorter-term commerce goals.

The product portfolio uses an exploration-friendly, deep linking, graphics-driven navigation that guides users to in-depth information on each product, including extensive social media, rating and sharing integrations that add credibility and important word-of-mouth power to the mix.


The site permits seamless viewing across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, providing a great experience for end consumers as well as for important influencers and practitioners in the health and beauty industry.

A major brand focus is making sure each Clarisonic customer reaches and maintains their desired skin transformation long after their initial order. To that end, FINE developed and produced a series of refined educational videos that help explain product features and uses, housing it in a growing video library that inspires and informs.

The documented global graphic standards that emerged from this project can be seen in action worldwide. They allow each region the flexibility to localize their experience to unique customer language and design requirements, while maintaining important consistency with the core brand look and feel and messaging.

The result is a world-class digital transformation for the world’s top skin transforming product.

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