BrightEdge: Accelerating the American Cancer Society Mission

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BrightEdge is the Philanthropic Impact Fund of the American Cancer Society. Their mission: to invest in companies that accelerate the fight for a world without cancer.

Appealing to tech-savvy investors required a platform, identity, and digital presence that conveys results-driven innovation. It's not just about disrupting industries; it's about disrupting cancer.

The FINE-created visual identity is a call-to-action and a window to impact. The brand’s BE initials, and a signature slash familiar in the digital world, are an invitation to / BE the cure. But above all, the slash serves as viewfinder, visually connecting donors to the most important focal point in all of this: patients, families, and innovators, adding personal urgency to finding solutions at the speed of technology.

Online, the BrightEdge website connects "Impact Donors" to the sense of being part of the cure. Almost everyone's been touched by cancer - here, you can mobilize to join the fight against it.

View the project tour here.
Visit BrightEdge here.

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