Audax Group: Re-framing a Premier Capital Partner

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Audax Group’s mission is to partner with management teams and financial sponsors to build long term value in what has grown to become a $12 Billion+ portfolio of companies.

The company’s distinct lines of business—Private Equity and Private Debt, cohered by a master Audax Group brand—called for a system that amounts to three distinct websites, each with a unique audience and content requirements, bound by a complimentary graphic standard and infrastructure. A common content and technology backbone manages portfolio and team content across all, but allows for differentiation in front-end design.

Clarified brand architecture and logo system help delineate identities for their lines of business within the overall Audax Group look and feel. Similarly, digital design standards like color palette extend across business-specific destinations to create the sense of a brand family that can even extend to specialty extensions, like their Audax Foundation brand, or a special logo for their 25th Anniversary milestone.

Common to all is bold typography that makes powerful brand statements in copy, backed by numbers-driven content and a signature visual infographic style, all contained within a unique browser framing graphical device that unifies the experience.

The overall effect reinforces the sense that the firm has arrived as the premier capital partner for the middle market.

View the site here.

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