Anchor Brewing Mobile Site: Craft Beer Pioneers Mobilize Their Rich Brand

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America's original craft beer brand continues the growth of its digital ecosystem with the launch of the new Anchor Brewing mobile website. With the goal to retain the rich feel of the desktop site and expand with content suitable for mobile (including tablet) viewership, it's another strong touchpoint in the online reinvention of the pioneering Anchor brand.

The site design pushes the limits of small screens by carrying through the full-bleed cinematic look of the full website site on the Home, Our Craft and Our History sections, where vintage-feel imagery reinforces Anchor's legacy. The signature Anchor "beer shelf" navigation converts to mobile-friendly mode allowing users to open a drawer to select beers, using their much-beloved signature beer label art.

The video section expands with a detailed intro and description for each video, enabling better SEO-friendliness and a better landing page for inbound linking from marketing outreach.

The Anchor blog gets a mobile theme, pushing the existing content strategy to the small screen to drive more traffic through the FINE-managed social media channels. With its legions of loyal fans and discerning beer bloggers and critics in its corner, the mobile site becomes a critical element to support Anchor's brand promise and the proof point that "beer is social".

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