House of 10K Symbolism: A Handy Legend

Posted in Work — Mar 02, 2020

Many of you have asked, what's the deal with all the symbols in that fancy new House of 10,000 Immortal Victories logo? Here then is your legend:

The mark contains four main symbols, each a different way of exploring what it takes to collaborate, build brands, overcome obstacles, and get to something great. Together, they convey that sense of overcoming difficulty, being respectful, pursuing greatness, and maintaining great intentions:

01. Respectful Salute
“Bao Quan”- the open palm around closed fist - is a physical manifestation of Yin/Yang, strong/soft, aggressive/passive.

02. Conflict
Hexagram 6 from the Chinese I-Ching: The 3 lines on top represent heaven and the bottom 3 lines water, so the conflict is “heaven over water.”

03. Peace & Greatness
Hexagram 11 from the Chinese I-Ching: The 3 lines on top represent earth and the bottom 3 lines heaven, so peace comes from “heaven below earth.”

04. Purity of Heart & Mind
The lotus flower represents purity of the body, speech and mind, while rooted and grounded in the earth.

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