How To Mingle

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*What is Mingle?

Right in the middle of the spectrum is Mingle - an important "hub" for all this. It's purpose is to connect our work (what we do) to our culture and thinking (who we are). And we have to work hard at the balance (especially to extract the thinking part more from people's brains) and not go too far in either direction toward fun or work where we have other channels that are better suited to that kind of content.

*Categories for Mingle

  • Work: Extended write-ups for projects that don't yet or never will have full tours. Small touts when we first launch a new project tour. Brief write-ups for specific project elements that we want to highlight (e.g., an icon set or imagery style for a specific project)
  • *Play: *Things we do in the office or around the company that really connect to us. A pie-off with branding elements is a definite, possibly Arune covered in mud if we use that mud race to dispel myths about designers and show how ours are different or even figure out why mud races are so dang popular in the digital age and what we learn from that. This should be a portion of what you'd find on Facebook that seems worthy of our site and has a little more to it.
  • *Insights: *Observations and extended articles or slideshows that show our thinking on topics that encompass our work. Things we find that show we're constantly looking to enhance our knowledge, but here we need to "add value" to curate what we find. So if it's a list of links or a link to something else, we need to explain why it's relevant to our primary audience.
  • Awards: Simple announcement when we win something. look for opportunity to do more detailed article where it makes sense
  • News: New people, new offices, new clients, events we put on or attend provided we again "add value" and talk about what we learned or heard
  • *Quips + Tips: *Quotes, metrics, wisdom - all one liners in quote format
  • Digital Deep Dives: SEO, Social, and marketing trends thought pieces. We can go deep here as long as we segregate it and have lots of other lighter fare to create balance.



How to Mingle

  • Standard - Post with a content page. CARIN TO REFINE DESCRIPTION
  • Aside Post - Featured image with text
  • Video Post - This can play videos from YouTube, Vimeo or it can be an embedded video, whichever you choose. For YouTube just enter the url into the body copy itself. For embedded video (one that is hosted by the blog), just click "add media" and make sure the video is selected. Try to never use embedded video, but rather to make sure that blog post videos go into You tube or Vimeo whichever we choose.
  • Quote - Just a quote, title of the quote is the author



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