The Secret Surprise Party That's Public on Facebook

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Sometimes, it’s the unintentionally funny things on Facebook that make me laugh the most. Today I noticed in my Facebook feed that 3 friends of mine were attending a “surprise” birthday party – but it was for someone I didn’t even know, and it listed full details of the event to boot. There was just something so incongruous about the secret, surprise elements of this party appearing in my public feed, for someone I didn’t even know.

facebook event Oh dears, this doesn't look like a surprise...

This also led me to wonder - was the lucky person whose surprise birthday party it was ALSO able to see this event?

Is there any way to block just one person from seeing a Public Facebook event that you create?

Since attempted research into this proved inconclusive, I decided to create a trial event of my own, and attempt block my nefarious business partner Nick Perez from seeing it, mua ha ha.

But... I can't figure it out. Yes, I am committing the incredible faux pas of blogging about something that I actually don't have the answer to yet. At least I learn something - or try to learn something - new every day. ;) In the meantime, the guest list is growing and Nick can see the event. He's also horrified at how many people are already attending the "Nick Is Not Invited Event".

Anyone have any ideas?

Written by Sarah Mackenzie.

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