Anchor Brewing: Beer Pioneers Craft a Social Strategy

Posted in Search & Social

As America's original craft brewery, Anchor Brewing Company has been brewing hand-crafted beers in San Francisco since 1896. By its very nature, beer is a social product, and Anchor Brewing's social presence is a key component in its marketing strategy. The content strategy honors Anchor's rich history as a brewing pioneer and San Francisco fixture while engaging the ever-growing craft beer community with content that educates, entertains, and creates a context for conversation around the brand.

With roots dating back to the California gold rush, the Anchor Brewing brand was built around its storied history and a deep respect for brewing tradition. Anchor content invites users to be a part of the tradition by taking them inside the brewhouse with photos of the brewing process and other detail-rich content that educates as much as it entertains. Visual is a big focus: beer bio videos, images of the beer enjoyed in context, and custom shareable graphics enjoy strong engagement across all channels.