We Are FINE. And We're W3 Winners for Design Week Portland Video

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Celebrating digital excellence, the W3 Awards honors outstanding websites, video, apps, and content, judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. And it also apparently honors videos featuring agency staff doing the weird things they love.

In the award’s 13th year, our very own Design Week Portland Open House promo video won Gold. In it, you’ll see our HR director riding her motorcycle. Our communication manager casting spells on books. One of our project directors power lifting our studio manager. An art director shaving principal Kenn Fine. And of course, our beloved Jambo in his final FINE appearance before his passing. (We miss that dog.)

Watch the now award-winning video to see how our real people bring their real selves to work.


Price Robideaux - Director
Anna Holly - Art Director
Noelle Gautreau Art Assistant
Anthony Balcorta - Camera
Sophie Harris - Camera
Andy Buchanan - Grip

Kenn Fine - Executive Producer
Mehran Azma - Producer
Mackenzie Pion - Assistant Producer, Wardrobe & Styling
Allyson Marrs - Marketing & Promotion

Special thanks to Michelle Chen, Liz Howe, Thais Lee, Caleb Misclevitz, Emily Taormina, Jamal Powell, Jambo, and especially the Portland Fire Department (sorry).

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