Brassfield Estate: Online Prominence for California Estate-Grown Wines

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With a goal to become nothing short of America’s Next Grand Wine Estate, Brassfield Estate’s new winery website creates a strong foundation for online search visibility. FINE’s thorough re-conditioning and re-crafting of the Brassfield winery brand includes a strategic implementation of SEO tactics that help the new site increase targeted traffic from search engines.

  • Website Architecture: Brassfield’s new website architecture and internal linking structure makes it easier for engines to not only discover pages, but more likely for pages to get indexed – and at a higher position.
  • Keyword Focus: Brassfield increased search-engine share on critical branded terms as well as keywords related to their geographical area and estate-grown approach.
  • Content Optimization: Keywords were delicately integrated throughout pages of the website copy in order to improve relevance for key search concepts.
  • Local Search: FINE optimized Brassfield’s website and local search profiles to improve geographic relevance and visibility.

When Brassfield’s new website launched in early 2010, the site began to see all-new highs in organic search traffic, most notably from new terms that they had not previously optimized for. From Brassfield’s estate-grown and –bottled approach to their winery’s unique appellation, the targeted keyword focus paid off with promising month-over-month organic traffic increases by as much as 30%, with non-branded traffic increases by as much as 85%.

FINE’s new winery website for Brassfield Estate helps their up-and-coming brand to become as well known online as they are offline, leveraging a search engine-friendly architecture that maximizes organic visibility.

Month-Over-Month Overall Organic Traffic +30%

Month-Over-Month Non-Branded Organic Traffic +85%

Increased Prominence And Traffic on Non-Branded Search Terms


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