Bounty Hunter Brand Evolution Work Wins GDUSA Award of Excellence

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Bounty Hunter and the FINE team won an Award of Excellence from GDUSA’s American Graphic Design Awards. This is the first award for new identity and re-brand work for Bounty Hunter, a world-renowned food, wine, and spirits retail brand based out of Napa Valley, CA.


Bounty Hunter's mission is to become the customer's most trusted guide through the mystery of discovering, acquiring, and enjoying the very best in wine and spirits. As FINE deeply engaged with Bounty Hunter to rebuild their brand from the ground up, FINE continuously called back to this mission.Together, the closely partnered team developed a strategy for the brand, their retail spaces, and their restaurants, culminating in a guest journey map with tactical touch points for operational execution, and collateral to support the guest experience. A brand book provided Bounty Hunter with a compass for continued brand integrity.

GDUSA has sponsored competitions to celebrate excellence of creative professionals for 50 years. GDUSA's American Graphic Design Awards is their flagship award competition and open to agencies, corporations, non-profits, and students. It’s also highly competitive: 15% of applicants are selected for an Award of Excellence from around 10,000 entries.


Agency: FINE
Designer: Ashley Partrich
Creative Director: Kenn Fine
Project Director: Carin Pike
Strategist: Emily Bucholtz
Client: Bounty Hunter

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