Welcome to FINE: Avery Bibeau

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Light the fuse on the confetti cannon! We are delirious with joy to welcome BACK our boy-genius intern, Avery Bibeau! After graduation, he came out to join us again for the summer. After he gets sick of us, he heads to the University of Washington in September to study Computer Science to equip him to find or make a job that lets him be on the move around the world. The rest of his summer plans include summiting Mt Rainier and getting ready for the big, bad world.

Where are you from?
Born in Panama City, Florida, but I've lived most of my life outside of the United States, four years in England and seven in Japan! I went to high school in Virginia, but it feels like Portland is home now.

How did you find/hear about FINE?
I first heard about the Fine family through my father and it wasn't until later that I found out about FINE.

How do you most often get your ideas and inspiration?
By staying up really late. Once I have a few hours left until sunrise, that's when most of the ideas form.

Who is your idol/role model? Why?
Josh Parnell is a role model of mine; he's a student from Stanford that went three times over his Kickstarter goal to build his dream. I've followed his development logs in the creation of an expansive and innovative game built solo. Watching the progress of his sixty to eighty hour weeks working on his project inspires me.

If you were a super hero - what would your super power be?
This is a tough one! I think I'd want to be able to see the details in things, how they work and what's going on. Being able to see the most infinitesimal changes in something and knowing what's going on would keep me entertained for a few lifetimes.

If you were an animal - what would you be?
IfI don't get the super power, I'd have to go with a peregrine falcon! Exploring the west without limit would be just as fun.

What's your favorite Pantone color? Why?
Pantone 549C, I think it's a good mix of subtle and soothing for an accent color but can still be used in large chunks for fun.

How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?
None, but I don't know if it will stay that way!

What are your favorite treats?
Oreos baked inside another cookie; it's less work to eat and just makes sense. I can also go through anything Wintergreen flavored pretty quickly.

What is your ultimate vacation?
One without a schedule or plan. I'd love to be able to go back to Scotland to backpack through the highlands or through southern Tibet with no obligations or checkpoints.

Who is your dream client?
Pixar. I think there are a lot of stories to be told about the creation of their stories. Being able to work on a platform for these stories would be incredible.

What is your favorite type of work to create?
I love data representation. I think there are too many static and non-interactive ways to represent and change data, finding and creating new ways to communicate data through design is fun.

What are you doing when you're not working?
Usually tinkering with code, trying to learn more about stuff to create cool shit.

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