On Monday I Will…

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{:element=>{:name=>"div", :attributes=>[{:name=>"class"@5, :value=>"post"@12}], :children=>["\n", {:element=>{:name=>"div", :attributes=>[{:name=>"class"@24, :value=>"entry"@31}], :children=>["\n\n \n\n", "<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-13289" src="http://www.wearefine.com/mingle/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/retreat.jpg\" alt="retreat" width="590" height="460" />", "\n\nFINE went to summer camp last week. Even though we didn’t make friendship bracelets or braid our hair – we DID talk, listen, and learn while discovering how to understand each other to become a stronger family.\n", [], "\nOne of our awesome workshops, led by Lynette Xanders, was called “Creative Momentum.” We talked about obstacles blocking our creative force in our personal and professional lives and what little adjustments we can make to “the dials” to remove those obstacles. We identified the things that drain us, that lift us, that we love, that we don’t love, and as we identified the good, bad, and the ugly – we got pumped up! And with crayons in tow – filled our imaginations with the what ifs? How cans? What nexts?….\n\nOne of the questions we were tasked with answering was “What can I/We do differently starting ", "Monday", "?”\n\nWe all shared what we want to do for ourselves and what we could do for the company. We promised ourselves and we promised each other that on Monday, we would start to adjust those dials for the good of the people, our company, and for our sanity to forge ahead into the sunlight on our magic carpet powered by our Creative Momentum.\n\nWhat dials can you adjust in your life to clear the way for YOUR creative momentum?\n\n"], :ignore=>true}}, "\n"], :ignore=>true}}

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