Happy at Home: Seven Purpose-Driven Brands You (and the World) Need Right Now

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Now more than ever, we look for helpers and search for positivity anywhere we can find it. Pandemic or not, here at FINE we support brands that do good, and are good at doing it. From stocking snacks like, This Bar Saves Lives, to feminine and toiletry products like Lola and Who Gives a Crap, we’ve always been on the lookout for everyday products with purpose.

Now that many of us have the privilege of staying safe at home, we rounded up some of our favorite products to up our household consumer game. Take a look at these socially conscious brands for inspiration to add to your altruistic arsenal.

1. Our Place @ourplace

Form, function, and social responsibility come together at Our Place. They’re not just about aesthetically pleasing cutlery or innovative design. They believe there is a transformative power in “the hope that telling stories of tradition will bring the disparate edges of our world closer together.” Their ethical labor practices and use of responsible materials aren’t too shabby either. For modern minimalists, the Always Pan, with its sleek design and contemporary color options, is a 4 piece space-saving nesting set that does the job of eight pieces of traditional cookware.

To top it all off, they are donating 10 meals to Feeding America with every purchase this month. Cookware with a cause-- cook right, do good.

2. Blueland @blueland

Beyond hand sanitizer and the coveted Clorox disinfecting wipes, Blueland is a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution for home cleaning products. They’re eliminating single-use plastic one non-toxic cleaning solution tablet and reusable, shatterproof cleaning bottle at a time.

3. Public Goods @publicgoods

It’s all good with Public Goods. They put the “-able” in essential household needs-- affordable, accessible, biodegradable, and sustainable. Plus, all of their extra inventory and product development samples are donated to charities, nonprofits, shelters, and schools. The modern minimalist branding is pretty jazzy too.

4. Bathing Culture @bathingculture

Imagine a product that serves people and the planet, and ups your self-care game. Bathing Culture’s biodegradable body wash puts the RAD in RADical self-care one shower and scrub at a time. Their playful branding transports you to a groovier period that will have you smelling and feeling like a fresh Northern California Hippie in no time.

5. Leesa @leesasleep

A certified B corp, Leesa is on a mission to make sure that everyone, especially children and young adults in poverty, have a safe and comfortable place to rest their heads every night. Through their partnerships with national and local nonprofits, every purchase of a Leesa mattress provides a mattress for a child in need. They’re even providing supplemental bed kits for heavy-hit hospitals on the front lines of the COVID pandemic.

6. Parachute @parachutehome

Don’t forget the sheets (and face masks)!

For every Venice bedding set sold, Parachute donates one malaria-prevention bed net in partnership with the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign. It also donates a percentage of sales to a dog shelter for every dog bed purchased. To top it all off, any returned items are donated to Habitat for Humanity.

In response to the COVID crisis, Parachute began converting their luxurious cotton sheets into facemasks. Slow the spread with every purchase and give one to support those in need. All-in-all a quadruple win wrapped into one.

7. Sackcloth & Ashes @sackcloth&ashes

Spread the warmth with a blanket that makes a statement, not just a statement blanket. For every blanket purchased, Sackcloth & Ashes will donate one to your local homeless shelter. Outdoor adventurers and indoor book-worms unite over these eco-friendly (100% recycled Italian wool) and cruelty-free bundles of coziness.

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