WorkDesign Magazine Interviews Kenn Fine: Work Space as Brand

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Founded in 2010, Work Design magazine is a “digital publishing group dedicated to exploring the evolution of workplace culture, research, and design.” Widely read by leaders in the workplace industry, as well as architects and interior designers, the magazine serves as inspiration by sharing ideas about what’s shaping today’s workplace culture.

FINE Principal and Executive Creative Director Kenn Fine shared the strategic thinking behind our Portland studio design — purposely curated to elevate what we do and enliven the folks who do it. Our intentional goal: demonstrate our brand of highly personal engagement by creating a dynamic active space, not only for our employees, but for anyone venturing into our offices.

Throughout, there's an active flexibility, from movable arrangements and writeable walls, to workspaces designed to shift throughout the day — sit, stand, lounge, or escape. Although everyone has a home base, staff have opportunities to think about the same problems in multiple settings, which, we think, positively affect the outcome and quality of the work.

Since a significant portion of our work is in the high-end hospitality market — like placemaking strategy to design and develop actual spaces — we know the importance of brand informing architectural and interior design. We work to take the brand experience our clients want to have, and inject that into their design process. So we've done the same for our studio.

Read the full interview with Kenn to learn more about the design decisions made (and reversed), and how they've influenced our project process.

From WorkDesign magazine, CEOs Talk Workplace: Interview with Kenn Fine

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