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Since 1969, Cuvaison has steadfastly crafted Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and select varietals grown on their Los Carneros estate vineyard in Napa Valley. As part of a larger brand initiative spanning brand strategy and messaging, identity design, packaging, and a new website, the goal was to differentiate, engage, and cultivate emotional connection with the historic brand’s customers, partners, and distributors.

Featured on Packaging of the World, design for Cuvaison's family of wine labels and club packaging is nuanced to balance craft and sophistication. The Estate series uses an arched label shape to maintain brand equity from its beginnings — easily recognized on the shelf. To call attention to the brand’s history, the 1969 established date is proudly displayed. Hand-drawn script and painted beads add an artful, human element to the Small and Micro lot tiers — a holistic design system that’s both high-end and approachable.

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Digital Creative Director – Tsilli Pines
Brand Creative Director – Kenn Fine
Web Designer - Katerina Yermolitskaya
Brand Designer – Verity Kent
Web Developers – Emmanuel Garcia and James Kurczodyna
Project Director – Ashley Bird

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