FINE Partners with Cuvaison to Shape Historic Wine Brand’s Future

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Over the past 24 years, FINE has worked with dozens of wine brands, including 6 of the top 10 wine companies in the U.S., crafting brand and digital experiences for the real and perceived leaders in the industry. Our latest partnership is with Cuvaison — one of the pioneering wineries that helped shape the modern era of California winemaking, and which remains an independent, family-owned, working estate winery today.

FINE will help Cuvaison find new ways to differentiate, engage, and cultivate emotional connection with the brand’s customers, partners, and distributors. The ground-up initiative begins with discovery, messaging, and platform development. From there, it may extend in a variety of directions as the brand approach evolves, across graphic design, consumer research, hospitality experiences, and robust new digital destinations.

Part of FINE's approach is to challenge traditional wine brand thinking. Great wine will always be the core, but the ways we connect consumers to it may invite us to think of Cuvaison more like a hospitality brand, a technology brand, or just a whole new kind of brand for the next wave in Napa Valley. Cuvaison helped shape Napa Valley and its quintessential expressions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; FINE is excited to be a part of their evolutionary phase.

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