We Are FINE: the 2018 Design Week Portland Open House Video

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We believe in celebrating personal passions and turning them into the superpowers people bring into their work to make it that much better. We are readers. We are gamers. We are musicians. We are motorcyclists. We are yogis. We are power lifters. And some of us are bald. We are FINE. Plus, we're nice.

Watch the video below to see how our real people bring their real selves to work.


Meet us (and all of our quirks) at our Design Week Portland Open House April 18. We'll have drinks for drinking, snacks for eating, and work for browsing. Sorry, no rides on the back of our Director of Talent's motorcycle. We're not insured for that. Note: Kenn Fine's sacrificial goatee thanks you for your attendance.

Meet us at the FINE Open House, April 18, 4-7 p.m. 1140 SW 11th Ave., 2nd floor


Price Robideaux - Director
Anna Holly - Art Director
Noelle Gautreau Art Assistant
Anthony Balcorta - Camera
Sophie Harris - Camera
Andy Buchanan - Grip

Kenn Fine - Executive Producer
Mehran Azma - Producer
Mackenzie Pion - Assistant Producer, Wardrobe & Styling
Allyson Marrs - Marketing & Promotion
Special thanks to Michelle Chen, Liz Howe, Thais Lee, Caleb Misclevitz, Emily Taormina, Jamal Powell, Jambo, and especially the Portland Fire Department (sorry).

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