A "Day On" For MLK

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Today, the FINE offices are closed in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. But let's not call it a day off. Whether it's volunteering, or just spending a moment remembering what the day's all about, it's more of a "day on".

Proving MLK wasn't the only eloquent speaker in his family, here's what his late widow Coretta Scott King, said about the holiday named in his honor:

"It's a day of interracial and intercultural cooperation and sharing. No other day of the year brings so many people from different cultural backgrounds together in such a vibrant spirit of brother and sisterhood. Whether you are African-American, Hispanic or Native American, whether you are Caucasian or Asian-American, you are part of the great dream Martin Luther King, Jr. had for America. This is not a black holiday; it is a peoples' holiday. And it is the young people of all races and religions who hold the keys to the fulfillment of his dream...it is a chance for everyone to honor the life and teachings of King through community service. That service may meet a tangible need, such as collecting food for the less fortunate, or it may exhibit the spirit of the holiday, such as building a sense of community. It is up to you to make a change."

So plan accordingly. Or, if you haven't made plans yet, use this day to reflect and answer the question: what mark will you leave on your community?

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