The Brand Opportunity in Privacy Laws

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In this Adweek article, FINE's Executive Director of Digital Lori Dunkin explores how new privacy legal constraints can (and should) work as opportunities for brands.

As brands retrofit their digital practices to comply with new privacy laws like GDPR, advocating for privacy through a Privacy by Design approach can help you lead by example and earn more trust from customers.

Designed as a systems engineering approach over 20 years ago, Privacy by Design calls for privacy to be considered throughout the whole process of creating technology and systems. Brands can adopt this approach to focus on customers’ privacy throughout all core brand experiences (e.g. web environments, customer journey design, communications) and unlock all of the advantages valuing privacy can bring to a brand.

Right now, there’s a nice parallel happening for brands who are bringing in Privacy by Design and Accessibility as core brand values. Rather than focusing on the tactical implementation of these guidelines, invite a more future-focused transformation to take place inside your company by embracing the opportunity to better support the customer experience, and truly earn customer loyalty.

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