Best Branded Content - Ikea Spooks Customers

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It's that spooky time of year where brands try and make their ads relevant to the upcoming holidays - in this case, Halloween. Where many have tried, many have failed, some using the same ol' idea but just adding a ghastly nod to give the people what they want.

We've also seen some well done ads that bow to the holiday and all that comes with it, even when the product itself seems to be in direct conflict- namely, Crest's 2013 Halloween commercial.

In honor of this year's Halloween, Best Branded Content took an on-theme approach and chose a spot that not only produced a well-done reference, but also kept its execution and messaging on-brand, rather than making the common mistake of throwing away voice and purpose in favor of being topical.

Watch the video and then read on.

Details Done Right

The spot, a reference to The Shining, works because of its details. The camera angle, the music, the glimpse of a woman hiding behind a bed canopy, a family of skeletons enjoying a meal, and even the comically dressed parents to resemble the movie's twins all work together to create that sense of horror. But the pinnacle thing here is the scene itself. While all of it has a creepy undertone, Ikea does a great job highlighting its products and variety, as little Danny cruises past various showrooms. You're seeing what Ikea wants you to see.

Topical with Intent

The ad itself could boil down to a quirky Halloween reference, nothing more than a fun way to show Ikea likes to celebrate, too. It's the closing message, though, that makes it matter - that makes this more than one of those just-because holiday spots. "Late night shopping till 11 p.m. daily". Its purpose seamlessly coincides with its execution. Ikea managed to take one element of Halloween - scary things happen at night - and twist it so it became applicable to what they wanted to express, while still having a bit of fun.

It's something important for every brand to remember: you can have fun, you can be relevant, and you can still do it on-brand. Make the occasion work for you, and make it work for your audience.

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