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A New Year calls for something, well, slightly new. Our Best Branded Content is now diving more into the principles of what make content successful, both for the brand and for its audience. But rather than talk said changes, see them in action below, and see how brands benefit when creative thinking meets thoughtful execution.

For the People, By the People

Earlier this month, Tumblr announced a new network for users: Creatrs. Meant for artists who especially excel on Tumblr, this group of users will be creating ads to be used throughout the site—the intended goal to make them “fit in” better with the rest of the user-generated content.

It’s Tumblr’s hope that these ads will be so artistically appealing that users will not only pay attention to them, but actually find them worthy of sharing. It’s a huge win for Tumblr advertisers, as their campaigns intrinsically become social, made by those who already understand the platform and what works best on it.

According to The Verge, artists will receive payment for their work, in addition to credit and links back to their personal pages. There’s no application process in place as of yet; Tumblr is simply finding candidates, and the site has already paid about $250,000 to its Creatrs.

This particular content strategy is risky, but like most risks, it has the possibility of a big payout. Rather than playing the guessing game of what the people want, brands are giving the power to the people to decide what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

Tumblr is perhaps one of the better platforms to test this strategy. Consumers are never shy about sharing their marketing opinions in today’s social world, and where success is measured in interactions, letting consumers voluntarily solicit your brand in a way they want to see it drives the social mission, plus they become invested by default.

For the People, By the People. The strategy, in use.

Ben & Jerry’s Euphoria

In 2012, Ben & Jerry’s took to Instagram and asked ice cream lovers alike to share photos that #captureeuphoria. The company then chose their favorite photos and used them in the user’s own neighborhood, while simultaneously advertising Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, of course.

Those who submitted became engaged with the brand, and then invested in the hopes that their photo would be used. The result was ads that people looked for, rather than the many so often avoided.

GoPro Photo of the Day


GoPro posts a "Photo of the Day" every day, all of which are shared by users. Their core demo is adventure seekers (from extreme to backyard fun) who want to capture and share their adventures with friends, which ties in perfectly to a social strategy, no?

There are virtually no boundaries to the style and focus of the content, other than the photos were all captured using a GoPro camera. It inspires users to get out there and use their camera, and shows those who haven’t yet made the purchase that there’s fun to be had, if only with a GoPro.

FINE’s #RaiseYourAnchor work with Anchor Brewing


Craft beer enthusiasts love to share their experiences with their favorite beers via social media, and FINE has found that involving members of the Anchor Brewing social community in our content strategy to be a win-win.

Sharing a user's photo of an Anchor brew—whether in San Francisco, where Anchor is based, or New York City, London or at the Great Wall of China—showcases the popularity and global reach of the brand while demonstrating how Anchor's hand-crafted beers fit into the lifestyle of the audience.

Users enjoy seeing their photos shared with a community of more than 250,000, and FINE has also found that sharing user-generated content inspires other users to capture and share their own experiences.


Ultimately, handing over the reigns to your brand is something that only works when you can trust your consumers already know you, your product, and the intention of the content strategy in place. But when done well, the relationship this particular strategy can build with your audience is one that can really last.

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