Best Branded Content Strategy- Weight Watchers Creativity

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What better way to wrap up the year than with a Best Branded Content that not only speaks to holiday pains, but in many ways, to the New Year ahead.

Weight Watchers (WW) is no stranger to fun and “real” spots, saying those truthful things that most people know and fear about food, but often don’t admit out loud. They’ve built a brand on these honest struggles.

One peek at WWs’ site or social media and you’ll see how they blend mission with personality—a camaraderie that has helped them redefine the struggle of losing weight and the isolation it can often create. This awareness and follow-through to brand voice and message is why the company’s latest TV spot has earned its place as 2014’s final Best Branded Content.

Relatable Creativity

The first few bars of the song are instantly recognizable, which sets this commercial up to be remembered by its audience. It’s a song just about every person has heard as a child—an interesting choice (say, rather than a modern hit) since most people learn the eating habits they’ll carry into adulthood at the same age as a child who is likely to sing this song.

With a few tweaks to the lyrics, you get the branded message that’s painfully honest enough to make people go, “Yep, that’s me.” If you’re happy, sad, sad because you’re angry, feeling down or generally bad, bored, lonely, sleepy, guilty, stressed, or human…eat a snack. Simple words infused with humor and truth (and a touch of rhyme) that pair with typical life moments that are commemorated with, what else, eating. It’s an execution that feels nothing short of natural for a natural problem innate to most.

Realistic Expectations

WW will be the first to tell its future and existing customer that it’s not a weight-loss program; it’s a lifestyle change. It doesn’t promote miracle results in record time because the company knows life gets in the way, which the commercial clearly illustrates. Even when trying to lose weight, life will throw you bachelorette parties, big wins and losses, promotions, lay offs, and holidays built around consuming, but as the closing message says in only five words, you don’t have to go through the gauntlet alone: “Help with the hard part.”

The tagline ties together the spot’s scenes and speaks to how the service provides, well, a service—all while staying on-brand and on-tone to close out with a laugh and maybe some food for thought.

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