12 Days of FINE. Day 11: Stuff Happens

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Those who know our history know that wearables played a big part in the early years. And just as fancy tech has taken over the world, we’re bringing back old-fashioned stuff. This time, it’s not Bebe, or some now-defunct dot com that we’re outfitting. It’s our very own brand.

Now you too can wear our brand, advertise our name at your own expense, and look good doing it! The new Shop.WeAreFine has 15 products to meet every-day needs like getting dressed, cleansing, making sweet moves, creative sorcery, and, of course, plain ol’ play.

Like most internal projects, our little shop forced a collision course between creativity, endless ideation, and cobbler’s kids syndrome as we deferred to trivial matters such as paid client work. But Shop.WeAreFine persevered, with a dedicated team of project managers, developers, photographers, designers and even an in-office focus group helping to tailor the direction (including the new signature item – the FINE Hoodie).


Another holdup - days spent longingly staring out windows waiting for the sun to make a brief appearance so the team could hastily grab its go-bag and photograph the products in a non-dreary setting. The shoots drew curious looks from passersby, as no street, park or brick wall was safe.

The most chaotic shoot, and arguably the cutest, involved two babies that knew all the right angles and exactly how to work them, finger in nose and all. The FINE Onesie shoot was a morning of baby playtime, with props ignored and poses struck. The onesie features a new design that speaks to the "building blocks" of all great design - typography and a little fun (available in sizes 3-24 months).


From quality moleskin notebooks, sarcastic pencils, tattoos and stickers to the world's softest t-shirt and hoodie, a ball with a message and soap to clean it all up, the Shop.WeAreFine is now open for business.

Like all good wearables, the intention is to give you a uniform that says you belong to the club. You’re one of us. We Are FINE. And so can you!


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