12 Days of FINE. Day 1: A Brief History of FINE

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The year was 1994. The Internet was barely a thing – at least, it wasn’t a thing many people had heard of, let alone seen. A small, 1-person graphic design firm was founded in San Francisco with modest goals yet ambitious intentions. That would be us. Here on our 20th anniversary year, we may be 40 times bigger than when we started, but we’ve stayed true to our small roots and big aspirations.

Much has changed since then. The Internet boomed, then busted. Then boomed again and kept on booming. It’s changed everything in some ways. And nothing in others. Our history, as it turns out, parallels the history of the consumer web – see the timeline below for how our work tracks right alongside.

Over the next 12 days, we’ll wrap up our 20th anniversary year with a walk down memory lane we call “12 Days of FINE”, sharing stories about how we started, how we got here from there, and even a little glimpse into where we’re going from here.

We’re glad you’re along for the ride.


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