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Scheduling Google Analytics Reports

Posted in Search & Social — July 30, 2010

If you hang out at the Big Daylight offices long enough, you’ll undoubtedly hear us gush talk about our love for Google Analytics or at least hear some mention of it. While we spend a good portion of our day in Google Analytics, we also take advantage of some of the scheduling features to send reports to specific people. Perhaps you just want to send sales related keywords and reports to the sales manager of your organization, or just the PPC related reports to the person that handles your PPC efforts. Regardless, if you can view in it Google Analytics, you can schedule a report for it.

In this example, I’ll schedule my home dashboard to a group of specific people at a specific interval.

At any Google Analytics screen, you have the option to email yourself that specific report.

Next, click on the “Schedule” tab and enter the recipients. Here you’ll also be able to decide which format you’d like, whether that be PDF, Excel (xls) or other various formats. Lastly, decide how often you’d like to receive these emails. Hit “Schedule” at the bottom and you’re done! Start enjoying your regularly scheduled analytics reports.

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