What Making Hospitality Websites Taught Us About Branding & The Customer Journey
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What Making Websites Taught Us About Hospitality Branding

Posted in Insights — October 31, 2018

Early on, digital borrowed from old paper media terminology to explain website concepts. But somewhere along the way, the script got flipped. And the term “user experience” is a great example. It turns out, user experience in digital is a pretty good perspective on guest experience in hospitality.

FINE Partner and Chief Strategist Josh Kelly writes in Hospitality Net that this habit of thinking naturally leads to a broader focus on experience design in branding in all industries. It’s especially relevant to hospitality, where experience and journey are operative words, thinking through the context, the intent, the effect at every stage and touchpoint for a customer.

Ironically, websites taught us that a methodical, systematized approach to shaping customer interaction is not a technical exercise: it’s how hospitality brands will succeed in the digital age, by understanding humans better than ever.

Read the full article on Hospitality Net.

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  1. Totally agree, the concepts of customer journey and the user experience in the digital world and the physical world are often misunderstood in my view. However in the travel and hospitality industry the idea of good customer service/experience is easy to see and understand, We’ve all experienced good and bad examples and they leave a lasting impression with us. The surprising thing, is the digital experience or journey is something that customers have to interact with far more often and when it’s bad it’s far more frustrating and damaging to ones brand because users interact with it more frequently.

    Posted by Jason Nash, April 11, 2019 | Reply

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