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Designspiration 7.17.14

Posted in Insights — July 17, 2014

The FINE design team’s weekly recurring list o’ links to things that blend some creative juice into your mix.

These Gingko-Eco Modern LED clock designs are pretty radical. Place them anywhere and everywhere (even in your fish tank), though we’re not quite sure Nemo needs to keep track of his time.

Here’s a nice little case study about the new Dataeyes identity and how they use data to construct it. See how it started, how it grew, and where it landed. Like always, the simpler something is to use, the more thinking and chaos that probably went into developing it.

10 Crucial Lessons from History’s Greatest Graphic Designers. From the author of Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design, take in what’s been done well, what’s been done, and what’s dead.

Paula Scher is teaching a Liquid Identity Skillshare class online! You get 70 minutes, 10 lessons, and a behind-the-scenes look at how some of her favorite Liquid Identities came to be. Best part? Class participation isn’t required.

Massimo Vignelli tribute posters. These stylish posters from Berger & Fö honor the late, great Massimo Vignelli with Vignelli’s most stylish words of wisdom.

Artist Recreates Childhood Scribbles as Digital Illustrations Over 20 Years Later. If you ever dabbled in doodling (and, really, if you didn’t, what a waste of a perfectly good childhood…) you’ll love these whimsical digital illustrations. Take note of the shark with the wicked underbite.

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