World Cup Stamps, LiveShare PS & More: Designspiration 7.10.14
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Designspiration 7.10.14

Posted in Insights — July 10, 2014

The FINE design team’s weekly recurring list o’ links to things that blend some creative juice into your mix.

1. Beautiful World Cup STAMPS?! YES! See them NOW!

2. LiveShare PS: Real-time Design Meetings Inside Photoshop (FREE Photoshop Plug-in, LiveShare PS).

3. Travel the World Without Leaving Your Desk. Check Out Alex Talmon (Designer & Photographer) and His Great Site!

4. Motter Fuc… How a Wonky Typeface Shaped the 1980s. Learn more.

5. Mike Dempsey on “The Graphic Designer and Ethics”.

6. Career Advice For Graduating Web Design Students. Read it!

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