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Design/education experiment in a “rural ghetto”

Posted in Insights — November 11, 2010

Emily Pilloton on her Project H Design’s work in “Teaching design for change” in rural Bertie County, the poorest county in North Carolina.

Designing education, design as education, community/citizenship/creative capital/catalyst, harnessing and helping the youth in rural hollowed-out small towns (1 in 3 child is below the poverty line in Bertie County), and trying to do something meaningful. Only a 15 minute talk so it’s of course just an overview of all that, but there are some interesting ideas here, in action.

Also, after the jump, Pilloton on the Colbert Report talking about humanitarian design & the triple bottom line.

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Emily Pilloton
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive

And for more info/updates on Project H – here’s the Project H Design website.

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