Exterior of the Beacon Grand in San Francisco featuring signage

Beacon Grand, A Union Square Hotel

For almost a century, the Beacon Grand has been a center of gravity beckoning San Franciscans and visitors alike to Union Square, the historic living room of The City. Once known as the Sir Francis Drake, this iconic property was primed for a comprehensive brand overhaul, from name, to guest experience, to messaging, to look and feel, to digital marketing—here at the center of a city known for reinvention, everything has been built from the ground up to bring this hotel to the forefront of a new era.

A New Identity for a New Era

In 1928, the Sir Francis Drake opened at the center of a lively city famed for luring pursuers of opportunity from around the world. In 2022, this legendary property was in need of a new name to honor both its original intent as a welcoming symbol of progress and its future as a hub for the next generation of historymakers. A refined, approachable visual identity parallels the brand narrative, with modern elements juxtaposed alongside historic flourishes, like the interiors of the hotel itself.

Beacon Grand Logo and Design Elements
Interior of guestroom, exterior featuring signage and design collateal package

The Building Blocks of Brand Personality

A robust messaging and visual system breathes life into the Beacon Grand, underlining its positioning as a social beacon to bridge San Francisco and all its historymakers. From the expressive, clearly defined voice and garb of the Social Host to carefully worded headlines and intricate illustrations, everything works in concert to orient guests to the vibrant experience that awaits.

Details of in-room design pieces. Headline reads "The Glittering Monument Returns"
Details of in-room collateral including binder with gold embossed logo.
Beacon Grand 'B' icon engraved on casks and custom ice cube in drink

Beckoned by the Journey

From seamless arrival to unforgettable stay and bittersweet departure, the Beacon Grand methodically orchestrates a guest journey with touches like modern classic employee apparel, arresting exterior signage, polished collateral, even in-room amenities. Every detail is just right, dazzling guests from street to rooftop star. Signature Social Hosts guide guests throughout their entire experience, sharing San Francisco’s best-kept secrets and making guests feel like they’re part of the fabric of The City.

Guest Journey map, tote bag with floral pattern, tassled do not disturb hanger.
Designed folder, ribbon, stickers, and concept art for employee uniforms
Employee uniforms

Calling Historymakers to Action

A thoughtfully planned and delivered performance marketing program efficiently merges key digital channels—including organic search, paid media, and social media strategy to extend this “social circle at Union Square”—a true brand traction program to attract a whole new generation of guests to the heart of San Francisco.

Social media images including glass coupes with champagne

Home of San Francisco

Highlighting the Beacon Grand’s historic character, the Home of San Francisco brand campaign was designed to target leisure travelers looking beyond big flag brands for a true, boutique experience. Extravagant photography with almost tongue-in-cheek glamor evokes intrigue and edge, paired with copy that connects to specific search and booking occasions. The campaign solidified the brand experience and positioning by offering both an homage to a locally loved, iconic property, and sharing an enhanced sense of the city’s irreverent personality and forward-thinking spirit.