Gordon Logo

The Gordon Hotel

The Fifth Street Market District has been a premier shopping center in Eugene, Oregon and a source of community pride for 40+ years. Obie Development undertook the most significant expansion in its history to transform it into a sought-after destination for locals and tourists alike. And at its doorstep is a new brand of community-activated boutique hotel: The Gordon Hotel.

An Open Invitation to Celebrate Art

The initiative began with an overarching placemaking strategy, positioning the Fifth Street Public Market as a new cultural center. From there, The Gordon Hotel was conceived to boldly reflect its spirit. Inspired by Gordon Obie, great-grandfather of company owner Brian Obie, the new hotel caters to guests with insatiable curiosity and appetite for the arts. It's an open invitation to connect, discover, and celebrate art, where tourists, day visitors, and locals can stop by, and linger -- no agenda needed.

A Versatile Identity

The Gordon Hotel identity takes a cue from cultural institutions, designed to play well in an ever-changing artistic landscape. The bold, modern typeface and composition set The Gordon at the forefront of a new cultural epicenter. The identity also doubles as a vessel to display, celebrate, and promote art through colorful expressions. The G transforms into a viewport to showcase the work of artists work who frequent the hotel. It’s a dynamic identity system to reflect an immersive, captivating destination.

Craft by the Letter

Across collateral, a custom-made alphabet extends the typeface of the G to all letters, for use on Gordon-branded products, amenities, and accessories around the hotel. The brand's color palette is predominately kept a minimalistic black and white so that when art is incorporated into materials, it takes precedence.

Igniting an Ongoing Conversation

Just as the boutique hotel concept was re-envisioned and tailored to Eugene as a city, The Gordon Hotel encourages this artistic energy at every brand touchpoint. Guests are invited in to share their perspectives and explore the brand's ever-shifting one. Design is a conversation piece. And details are where the stories are found.