Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

For over 130 years, Hotel del Coronado has captured the hearts and imaginations of guests around the world as both a National Historic Landmark and cultural legend. The property is undergoing its biggest renovation and brand evolution since 1888 with a future-minded $400 million master plan project that celebrates the hotel’s storied past while creating new experiences for the next generation of guests.

A SoCal State of Mind

Drawing on the magical nostalgia of The Del’s first 130 years, the brand was repositioned to harness and highlight the deeper meaning behind The Del state of mind: This is a place that offers guests the luxury of time and connection. Tangible and real, the Southern California experience that guests have always imagined comes to life before their eyes.

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Family Pool Time
Family Beach Time

More Than A Hotel - A California Dream

More than a hotel, The Del is a bustling coastal destination attracting an array of guests, all seeking that unique Hotel del Coronado experience. With clarified audience segmentation, a placemaking strategy was created to expand the social centers across the property. Distinct neighborhoods were developed to offer numerous ways to live The Del lifestyle, bringing the best in style, entertainment, food & drink, and activities directly to the guest. By design, there’s something for everyone at The Del, and multiple reasons to return.

Areas of Focus Identities
Social Gravity
Placemaking Strategies
Hotel del Coronado Audience Segments
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Reimagined Guest Experiences

Beyond the distinct neighborhoods are key moments, attractions, and micro-experiences that reimagine The Del as a vibrant coastal destination—no corner of the campus is left untouched. The Del’s arrival experience, dining destinations, new meeting spaces, diverse shopping, spontaneous activations, secluded havens, and adventures both on and off the beach provide new ways to gather, eat, drink, play, and stay.

Hotel del Coronado Guest Experience
Hotel del Coronado Wellness Terrace
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Evolving The Identity of A Cultural Legend

The Del’s identity evolved to reflect the enduring qualities of the legendary destination, paired with a quintessential, sun-kissed, Southern California aesthetic. The identity is polished, time-honored, and aspirational, capturing the luxury of time slowed down. It can live barefoot on the beach and dress up in style, demonstrating the grandeur of the ocean, the feel of the breeze, and the lure of the sand. A framing system built upon the iconic mark extends across all sub-brands, marketing materials, and on-property wayfinding.

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Hotel del Coronado Ad
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Hotel del Coronado Surfboards

Distinct Expressions of The Del

The property and identity is brought to life via five distinct neighborhoods, each with unique perspectives, accommodations, experiences, and visual cues that are all a natural expression of The Del. From the historic Victorian building to an energy-packed adventure outpost and quintessential SoCal modern music scene, an exclusive gated community to an all-new residential-style social experience—these neighborhoods signify a property-wide upgrade and create distinct moments of discovery that entice guests to linger, explore, and come back time and again.

Hotel del Coronado Distinct Expressions
The Victorian Logo
The Victorian Coasters
The Victorian Keys
The Victorian Porte Cochere
The Cabanas Logo
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The Views Logo
The Views Food Enclosures
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Beach Village Logo
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Shore House Logo
Shore House Place Settings
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A Fresh Take on Food & Beverage

Based on close collaboration with the Hotel del Coronado Food & Beverage leadership team, fresh, new food and beverage concepts dot the property, reinforcing the unique perspectives of each neighborhood. Naming, positioning, look and feel, tableware presentation, branded merchandise, menu concepts, uniforms, and guest programming are all aspects of the reimagined, property-wide food and beverage concept.

F&B Offerings

ENO’s Italian Market Feel

ENO Market and Pizzeria takes inspiration from the energy and variety found within the markets of Italy. With quick food and beverage options alongside a slower, sit-down pizza and wine experience, ENO is a concept embracing specialized tastes with broad appeal. The identity reflects an eclectic mix of Italian-inspired culinary experiences employing flexible marks, dynamic graphics, versatile typography patterns, and a rich palette inspired by key ingredients.

ENO Market and Pizzeria
ENO Olive Oil
Man grabbing a coffee at ENO

The Sun Deck’s Pool Scene

The Sun Deck is transformed into a rooftop scene that embraces the style of a sit-down restaurant energized by a day-to-night bar, live music venue, and poolside hangout. The identity embraces modern, vibrant, and youthful colors with icons and patterns adaptable to the time of day. The focus is on the glistening pool with daytime activities suited to sun-seekers and the younger set followed by sunset rituals and a music and cocktail scene stretching into the evening.

Sundeck Logo
Sundeck Cocktail Menu
Sundeck food by the fire
Food + Beverage Offerings

Babcock & Story’s Classic Appeal

Named after The Del’s visionary founders, Babcock & Story is the classic comfort of an Old Fashioned. Reimagined and renovated, its timeless cocktails, casual bites, and elevated pub food are perfectly situated in the high-spirited, historic bar setting. The identity takes cues from the bar's historic past with bold gestures and ornate embellishments transporting guests and lifting their spirits.

Babcock & Story Whiskey
Babcock & Story Leather Menu
Babcock & Story Stamp
Man and woman having a drink together

Coronado Juice Co.’s Fresh Approach

Coronado Juice Co. is a fresh, Hotel del Coronado-style approach to the cold-pressed juice bar. Refined and polished, the experience focuses on California-fresh vibes supported by an innovative approach to service delivery. The identity is bright and fresh, effortlessly adapting for juice and frozen pops wrapped in sustainable packaging and backed by operational procedures that limit waste.

Sip Bottle
Drink Carrier
Drink Shack

Hotel del Coronado's evolution has been made possible by a team of dreamers and doers including the full Hotel del Coronado team, Hilton Hotels & Restaurants, Blackstone, BRE Hotels & Resorts, Gonzalez Architects, Leo A. Daly, The Agency, Heritage Architecture, and FINE.