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Since 1979, long before wellness was an industry, Canyon Ranch has been guiding people to their own version of well-being. After a comprehensive Brand-Led Business Building™ initiative, they needed an inviting, innovative digital destination that reflected the brand’s position as the original trailblazer of integrative wellness. With four distinct locations, 1,500+ services, and a highly personalized approach, Canyon Ranch had a complexity challenge: how do you show and sell the value of a transformative experience if each and every experience is unique? The Canyon Ranch website distills this information overload to shape clear user paths toward informed wellness guidance.

Flipping the Script

Instead of a wellness-themed hospitality site that focuses on destinations, we needed to create a digital environment that guides each person's wellness journey based on their goal. Touchpoints of inquiry, an intention-driven architecture, and interactive design elements worked together to inspire and support each user's wellness pursuit.

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Making the Impact Tangible

Known as a “pathway,” Canyon Ranch’s signature offering is an all-inclusive stay expertly composed to deliver the transformation the guest seeks. While each pathway’s name previews its promise, its detail page makes it tangible with a brief impact statement followed by a look at the guest journey. Designed to ensure understanding, a comprehensive list of expert-led services included in the experience underscores the pathway’s value. At the bottom of the page, users are presented with location options for the experience, ensuring that the site leads with purpose then place.

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Bringing Settings to Life

Location pages are designed both to help prospective guests understand the atmosphere and features of each location and to connect current guests to the daily schedule during their stay. Strong visuals and descriptive messaging immerse users in Canyon Ranch settings, highlighting purpose-built facilities, service offerings, food and menu options, activities and events, and accommodations.

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Highlighting Expertise

While many wellness destinations offer a range of services, Canyon Ranch services are backed by a diverse roster of experts, from board-certified doctors and registered nutritionists to exercise physiologists and behavioral therapists. This distinction is integrated across the site in service and product descriptions, featured in videos and quotes, and a dedicated “Our Team” page with the names, faces, credentials, and biographies of every expert supporting the wellness journey.

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Simplifying Conversion

Reflecting Canyon Ranch’s service-oriented, intention-based approach, a custom booking experience provides two avenues that solve for the complexity of choice. The first route, “Book Now,” filters offerings as selections are made, then seamlessly connects users to the booking engine with their choices pre-selected. The second route, “Find Your Path,” provides a brief survey that ties the user’s intention to the best-fit offering(s), then prompts the user to select the date and location. Both directions feature succinct descriptions, evocative imagery, and facilitative tooltips to ensure comprehension. Just in case, a customer service phone number is ever present throughout the process for those seeking additional help.

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Nurturing Engagement

Canyon Ranch exists to guide seekers to their best life throughout life. To support existing guests between stays and attract new seekers, we conceived, named, and designed Well Stated—a venue for Canyon Ranch to publish expert content and thought leadership while supporting the site's wider SEO strategy. In addition to developing a look and feel deserving of a legitimate publication, a simplified user experience makes it easier for users to find and engage with the answers and information they’re looking for.

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