Trilantic brand photography - office with front desk

Trilantic North America

Formed in 2009, Trilantic Capital Partners rose from the rubble of a global financial crisis with a new perspective on private equity built on self-made culture, strong values, and a “user friendly” approach. A decade later, a FINE initiative sought to capture Trilantic’s brand story and loyal commitment to truly invest in entrepreneurs. A new brand identity, messaging, imagery, and a digital destination exude Trilantic’s view of success as a team sport.

Trilanic logo displayed on book cover and business card
Brand color palette and typography guidelines
Trilantic business collateral package

A Signature Digital Destination

The Trilantic website is an immersive journey through the firm's culture, community impact, network of partners, and highly engaged team. The site is meant to feel as approachable as the firm. A horizontal journey through time shows that where they are has much to do with where they’ve been. Thoughtful use of distinctive office highlights, seamless site motion physics, ample use of the firm’s signature blue, and an incredible body of warm team photography all culminate in a digital brand expression that brings the Trilantic brand to life as never before.

Images of Trilantic website design
Three mobile sized images from Trilantic website
Photography of Trilantic team section
Images of website team section to demonstrate team photography