Years of growth, rapid acquisition, and diversification culminated in a B2B brand that is far more than the sum of its parts: Levata. Across a continuum of technology solutions, Levata helps companies modernize operations to compete in the marketplace and meet increasing end-user expectations by seamlessly tracking assets, people, and data. With new positioning, identity, collateral and website, the new Levata brand ultimately promises organizations nothing less than transformation.

The Look of a Leader in Mobility, Visibility, and Possibility

Across all brand touch points, a new visual identity, color palette, and typeface show what the new brand messaging tells: Levata provides the technology to accelerate your progress and keep you at the forefront of a world in perpetual motion. From the catapult-like brand mark to the bold modern look and feel, it’s a leap ahead from a product-selling company to a partner (and leader) in providing businesses with transformative solutions.

One Transformation Partner, Many Tailored Solutions

Levata’s broad continuum of services translates to solutions tailored to industry, market, and technology segments. The site is designed and built to highlight five core capabilities, across eight industries, driving modernization and growth today, while enabling space for future evolution. The result allows Levata to target and convert enterprise customers with a tailored appeal that resonates from the C-Suite to operations teams.

Digital Delivery Embodies the Brand

A brand that helps enterprises deliver seamlessly calls for a digital destination that does so, too. Levata’s FINE site is a visual world in motion, but with content and information architecture that clarifies value and inspires a call to action. From multi-language support (with associated region-specific sales experiences), to a scalable content management engine that allows for evolution, to a simple-but-sophisticated lead gen form that feels engagingly “gamified," the feature-rich Levata website practices what the new brand preaches.