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Dunaway Gardens

Lush botanical gardens, sprawling wetlands, and serene pools are the setting for a new kind of luxury retreat that nurtures the experiential traveler. For over 100 years, Dunaway Gardens has been a haven for dreamers and creatives alike, brought forth by a lineage of female stewards. Now, eco-therapeutic benefits of the landscape meet luxe, heart-led hospitality for a modern sanctuary designed to entertain, energize, and enrich.

A New Kind of Luxury Retreat

Blending arts and entertainment with revitalizing retreat, effortless luxury with creative leisure, Dunaway Gardens offers a fresh perspective on a timeless way of being. Welcoming creative, leisure, and purpose-seekers alike, the revitalized brand provides a unique approach to sustainable and epicurean experiences that include ecotherapy, wellness programming, and creative stimulation, all enveloped in a luxe retreat setting.

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A Modern Haven for Creative Leisure

Dunaway Gardens is inherently immersive—inviting guests to indulge in Dunaway their way. The guest journey is guided by a series of touchpoints designed to awaken, nurture and sustain an open and peaceful state of being. From authentic culinary creations and awe-inspiring performances in our historic amphitheater, to garden bathing paths and elevated spa treatments, guests are carefully ushered through the full experience and offerings to ensure they reach—and leave with—a renewed state of being.

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Rooted in Organic Beauty

The Dunaway Gardens brandmark is a modern embodiment of the wild, creative spirit that thrives within the gardens themselves. It stands confidently across scales and platforms, with curves that add lyricism to the letterforms. Crisp stroke terminals and sprouting line intersections echo botanical silhouettes. An iconic monogram emblem serves as a unique, highly recognizable shorthand logo mark while the color palette captures the energy and vibrancy of the experiences offered.

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Nurturing Starts at the Foundation

Celebrating a multi-century lineage of visionary women, and over 20 years of restorative work, the female-founded Dunaway Foundation was created to preserve, nurture, and continue the legacy of Hetty Jane Dunaway. The Foundation focuses its social impact efforts on land conservation, arts education programs, and community upliftment. A dedicated website tells a multi-faceted story, and offers an opportunity to become part of the Dunaway legacy.