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Carmel Partners

Carmel Partners develops extraordinary, multifamily residences in the nation’s most desirable, competitive markets. Each place emerges as a distinct community and brand by leveraging Carmel’s creative industry expertise. Now, a digital platform streamlines their approach across all their boutique properties, while painting vivid pictures of the enduring value to residents in each.


A Custom Application Becomes a Core Asset

The initiative called for a robust, scalable application custom-built to support Carmel’s business model and approach. A process meant to result in seamless, glamorous front-end experience required meticulous behind-the-scenes planning to identify common building blocks of content and functionality, and flexible elements to enable distinct property brand and visual languages.

A Multi-Site Platform with a Strong Sense of Place

In the mode of brand-driven hospitality or multi-use placemaking, the platform supports strong design, storytelling, and imagery differentiation. Myriad locations, as diverse as 15 Cliff’s Manhattan "Highrise Sophistication" and Hyde Square’s Washington “Patagonia Chic” need to express their own brand language on a common digital infrastructure.

Lifecycles of Living Environments

Carmel’s residences go beyond selling space between walls. Online “concierge” features that let you engage with the community inside and around the place play a key role both in initial sale and ongoing quality of life. The system also supports property lifecycles. From a single splash page launch for pre-leasing, lease up, and full operation, technology that allows toggling on/off of key pages/elements adapts digital environment to property context.

Design and Technology Working Together

The system's strength is in the merger of brand-specific design impact and companywide technology. Maintaining both requires a tiered permission system that enables updates and additions within selective parameters based on workflow rules. Technology is a platform for design to help each location continue to shine, across all the device and browser types today's discerning residents use.

“We are so impressed with the Carmel conversion and bounce rates. They are the best we’ve seen.”