Reporting on the State of the Security Software Union

Long-time loyal customer Symantec asked FINE to deliver two successive annual reports, reflecting our expertise in their industry, and the audiences to whom they communicate.

Symantecar slide 01 Symantecar slide 02 Symantecar slide 03

Both of these annual reports have the solidity and confidence one would expect from the online security giant, with a dash of inspiration to suggest that they’re not comfortable simply sitting idle.

Symantecar slide 04 Symantecar slide 05 Symantecar slide 06 Symantecar slide 07

FINE managed the comprehensive process for the design and development, working directly with the corporate executive team on messaging and final copywriting, photo asset creative and execution, final production and press check consulting.

FINE also developed an online component to each of these annual reports, making Symantec one of the first organizations to publish a secure online annual report, a trend that is now gaining massive popularity.