Symantec Always On

The world’s largest security software company pushed their success to the enterprise level, with a custom version of their product modified specifically for the massive Internet Service Provider (ISP) market. With Symantec technology, ISPs could provide solid security as a continuous facet of their offering directly to their customers, along with the peace of mind (and brand loyalty) that comes with it.

Zero to Global in Eight Weeks

The program launched simultaneously around the world and reached targeted sales goals within eight weeks. Supporting it along the way was an integrated suite of FINE content strategy, design, copy, photography, package and print design, online media promotional campaign, and identity for the Secure Stream technology that served as the product backbone.

Pioneering Technology and Digital Video

A series of digital videos supported the global campaign in ways not yet seen in enterprise software. Aside from their visual impact on an industry where function often wins over form, each was shot in a strategically-selected location around the world, chosen for its strength in trend-setting technology and for having Symantec offices within walking distance of targeted partner prospects.

“FINE worked closely with us to maintain clarity and quality throughout the process and we're very happy with the product.”