Defining an Urban Luxury Beach Brand in Surf City, USA

The Joie de Vivre family of hotels was founded on local California authenticity and eclecticism, with each location as distinctive and original as the diverse guests who visit.

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Streamlining Impact

To streamline the management of JdVs distinctive properties, FINE built an enterprise content management system that could drive the central JdV “mothership” and their unique location sites consistently, while enabling each location’s marketers to create a distinctive hospitality brand for their property. Shorebreak Hotel is located centrally along the California coastline, in the original Surf City USA.

Expressing Niche Lifestyle

The Shorebreak Hotel website celebrates both the hip luxury of their amenities and the sand and surf of their location on “The Strand” of Huntington Beach. Despite celebrating its beach location, the overall design effect is hip and urban – more about dipping your toes in the pool and sipping Cosmos than building sand castles and eating cotton candy.

The site creates a memorable new brand for the hotel that differentiates it from the other JdV hotels that share a common content platform. More importantly, differentiates it from the larger neighboring chain hotels that draw heavily upon nostalgic beach themes at the expense of distinctiveness.