Making Ventures More Personal

Like many venture capital firms, SRFunds had a reputation grounded in engineering, academia, and numbers. The website became their opportunity to inject the human touch, to bring the warm personality of the partners out.

Srfunds tour1 Srfunds tour2 Srfunds tour3

The informal, rotating partner imagery broke with the tradition for a VC site, focusing on the key interaction between partners, entrepreneurs, and the investment community. Another driver was the idea of balancing the promotion of portfolio company, entrepreneur and SRFunds partner. The homepage begins this expression with a carefully crafted balance of randomized imagery. Sub-pages continue to support the design concept as images on pages follow relationships of partner and entrepreneur to cross-pollinate other areas of the site based on where you are navigating.

A complex content management system allows for managing these many-to-many relationships, and even allows SRFunds to slide the “random” fact in favor of certain pieces of information they’d like to see on the site more prominently than others. The overall effect was achieved by an innovative Flash HTML hybrid supported by a custom Java CMS.

This project was also a multiple award winner, and a CommArts Web Pick.